The New Testament is a collection of twenty-seven books. All of the books come from the first followers of Jesus. Some of the books take only a few minutes to read. But before you read the books in the New Testament, it helps to know what each book is about.


When you see a word marked like *this, you will find the word explained in a Word List. You will find the list at the end of this article.



Here are a few words to help you to read the New Testament book of Mark. Mark, like Matthew, is one of the books we calls the “Gospels.” The word *gospel means good news. Almost half of the New Testament consists of the four accounts of the life of Jesus. Each of these four books, or *Gospels, is for a different group of readers. Together, they give us a complete story of Jesus. They tell us about his life and his teachings. A large part of each of these books tells the story of Jesus’ final week on earth. That last week was when Jesus died and rose to life again.


After you read what the Book of Mark is about, you will find some verses in Mark that you can read. These verses will help you understand how Mark wrote and what was important to him.




Mark wrote his gospel to people who were Romans. Mark is a book of action. It describes many of the things Jesus did. Mark gives an account of Jesus’ work on earth.


Verses to Get You Started.


Jesus calms a storm.
Mark 4:35-41

Jesus makes a dead girl live.
Mark 5:21-43

Jesus heals a sick boy.
Mark 9:14-32

Jesus eats with his followers.
Mark 14:12-26

Jesus dies and is buried.
Mark 15:21-47

Jesus rises from the dead.
Mark 16:1-8



Gospel: A book about the good news. The message that Jesus came to save us from the results of sin. One of the four books at the beginning of the New Testament.