How to Take These Courses

We have made these courses to help you read the Bible and help you understand what you read. You will read many sections of the Bible in each course. And after you have read those sections, you will take a quiz (a test). Each quiz helps you to be sure that you understood what you read.

Here are some pictures (signs, buttons) that you will see as you take each course.

You will see the words “Course Content.” This is a list of things you will study in this course. Each course has several lessons. When you see the words “Lesson Content”, you will be able to see what each lesson is about.

start course icon

When you first begin each lesson, you will see a picture like this. This sign means that you have not started reading the lesson. You will need to click this button to start a lesson.

course in progress icon

As you start the lesson, you may also see a sign that looks like this. This sign means that you have started reading the lesson, but you have not finished the lesson. You will need to click this button to continue a lesson that you have not finished.

lesson complete icon

When you have finished the lesson, you will see a sign that looks like this. This sign means that you have finished the lesson. Now you are ready to go on to the next lesson in the course.

quiz icon

There are many things to read in each lesson. After you have read a lesson, most of the time, the lesson is followed by a quiz. These quizzes are to help you see how well you understood what you read. The quiz sign looks like this. Once you have finished each quiz, you will see how well you did. You do not have to get every question correct to go on to the next lesson. But you do have to answer MOST of the questions correctly.

hint icon

Sometimes, as you take a quiz, you will see this picture. When you see this button, you can click it. It will help you find the correct answer.

view questions icon

After you take the quiz and see your score, you will see a sign that looks like this. This button will let you see all of the questions in the quiz and all the correct answers. You can look at your correct answers and the answers you may have missed.

restart quiz icon

If you would like to do the quiz again to improve your score, you can do that by clicking this button. This will let you take the quiz again.

mark complete icon

At the end of MOST of the sections that you read, there will be a quiz for you to take. But sometimes, you will read a section from the Bible, but there will be no quiz that follows. After you have read those sections, you will find a button that looks like this. Even though there is no quiz for this section, you will need to click this button to go on in the lesson.

certificate icon

There are many lessons to read and many quizzes to take. But when you finish a course, you will see a picture that looks like this. When you click this button, you will find a certificate--a document that says you were successful. The certificate will have your name on it and the name of the course that you completed. You can print the certificate if you wish and hang it on your wall.

restart quiz icon
Quiz questions are laid out in the above format. When the answer refers to "a" "b" "c" or "d", "a" is the first answer, "b" is the second answer, "c" is the third answer, and "d" is the last answer.
mark complete icon


To view a Bible verse that is listed on a quiz, hover over the verse and a window will pop up with the complete Bible verse.

You will notice that you will need to finish one lesson before you can move on to the next one. Each lesson follows the next, so that you cannot skip a lesson and move on to another one. So, make sure that you finish each lesson in the order that you see them on the website. And before you know it, you will be finished and will be able to enjoy your certificate.

Thank you for visiting A Simple Word. We hope that you will take all of the courses. That will take some time. But if you do, you will have read many of the stories from the Bible. And we hope that you will better understand what you have read.